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Wimax Online are a leading supplier of high-speed internet in the region of Murcia, providing a range of internet solutions at unbeatable prices.

Finding a great quality internet provider with a reliable service and customer service in your language can be a complicated and frustrating task. Thankfully, Wimax Online are now offering their services in your area, with the added bonus of being able to talk to their local, English-speaking agent directly and have all your questions and any concerns answered.

Wimax Online utilise WiMAX and 4G technology, which means that unlike traditional broadband access, a landline is not required, providing the ideal solution for rural and isolated areas. The areas covered include Lorca, Águilas, Puerto Lumbreras, Totana, Mazarrón, Puerto de Mazarrón and Alhama de Murcia, amongst others.

This wireless technology provides exactly the same functionality as a wired service, enabling you to browse the internet, download, use VOIP services (such as Skype or WhatsApp), and use IPTV services. IPTV packages can be combined with a Wimax Online internet package, enabling you to view all of your favourite TV channels using just your internet connection.

Available packages

Wimax Online offer a number of different packages, all with unlimited downloads. The local agent, Philip, can talk you through all of the options available, in order to help you choose the offer that best suits your needs.

{image4}Current offers include:

6 megabytes for 20€ per month

10 megabytes for 25€ per month

20 megabytes for 30€ per month

30 megabytes for 35€ per month

All prices are subject to IVA and a 12 month contract. 20 and 30 megabyte connections are available at a reduced rate on a 24 month contract (25€ and 30€ respectively).

Holiday packages

Wimax Online provide a holiday package, offering the same speed and pricing options as above, but with a slight twist: the months that the connection is not in use, you will only be charged 5€ + IVA, offering fantastic savings for holiday home or rental property owners.

Visit your Wimax representative, Philip at iPhone Repairs in Puerto de Mazarrón for an informative chat about how Wimax Online can provide the service you need, or call today to get the latest information and prices. Philip is on hand to guide you through the whole process and liaise between you and the engineers to ensure a trouble-free installation.

Tel. (+34)868 175 508 or (+34)663 675 502

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