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Place an advert and using the Murcia Classifieds

In order to place an advert or contact an advertiser it is necessary to register as a user first. This process protects users and advertisers from spammers by hiding their contact details.

Registering as a user is a simple process:

Simply give your email address, first name and a password.

It’s easy to create an account (if you haven’t already) and begin viewing or posting your Ads just click Register Now

Placing an advert with Murcia Classifieds

Advertising your unwanted goods or your business services is cheap and effective with the Murcia Classifieds.

It’s so easy, all you have to do after Registering is then Click to Post an Ad

Choose where you wish your ad to be displayed.
Enter a title, description, price and pictures if you have any available.
Choose payment method (if applicable) and save.
That’s it your advert will then be verified and posted to the classifieds.

Why advertise with Murcia Classifieds
If you’re using our free classified advertising facility, it’s for one reason only: to sell.

Our classifieds section regularly receives 60,000 visits every month, a figure which proves its value as a channel for selling items which are no longer of use to you, from toys to cars, from high chairs to houses.

What many users don’t realize is just how easy it can be to maximize their use of this powerful selling tool. More often than not, when we are selling one thing we are selling others – hence the popularity of car boot sales – and the Murcia Today classifieds offer an attractive alternative to lumping all our belongings into a van and hoping to strike lucky!

For non-commercial advertisers hoping to offload various items, we currently offer three free listings at any one time, but the incremental cost of adding more listings is actually minimal.

In other words, if you’re clearing out the back room, the garage or the attic, you might find twenty items to sell. If this is the case, for a payment of just seventeen euros you can ensure that they are all visible to our wide range of readers for a month: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to readers all over the Region of Murcia and far beyond!

Don’t forget, the classifieds section is used not only by those living here but also by people who own properties in Murcia and reside in the UK, as well as people who are coming to Murcia on holiday and researching their visit before arrival.

As far as we know, no car boot sale can reach that kind of audience!